About CBD Supplements

Company Overview

Founded at the beginning of 2021 in Portland, Oregon, CBD Supplements focuses on helping businesses grow and expanding the CBD industry to all consumers. 


What We Do

CBD Supplements is the first ever all CBD e-commerce marketplace dedicated for CBD Vendors. Our goal is to get rid of the stigma behind CBD and make the vast majority of consumers feel confident and comfortable with purchasing CBD products! We are consumer driven and intend to give our buyers the most diverse product base, simple interface, and stress-free shopping.  
For sellers, we have an extremely versatile and easy to use interface to manage everything you could think of when it comes to your store. Our systems in place are tried and true methods of order processing, payment processing, and shipping. As a seller, rest assured everything will be handled. For more questions visit our http://buycbdsupps.com/seller-faq

Who We Are

We are a newly established CBD company based in Oregon interested in sharing our plans and vision with others. We are striving to create the easiest and best way to not only buy CBD, but to sell it as well. CBD is an exceptionally great all-natural alternative to modern medicines and we believe can evolve the health industry. This is a new flourishing market, and we know it will soon become more widely accessible and accepted. With more research being done on CBD, our hopes are to become a simple and easy outlet for people to begin selling their CBD products. Through this company, we can inform, and teach people about CBD and the benefits they may experience.

For a more detailed explanation of our company and goals, please view our personal blog at buycbdsupps.com/blog


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