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What do I do if I don’t have COAs (Certificates of analysis) for my products?


We take product efficacy very seriously. Unfortunately, if you do not have this certificate you will not be able to list your products on our marketplace. Please speak with your manufacturer or certified lab on how to get this information.


How do I become a seller? 


Visit and fill out the necessary information. Once you submit, your application will go under review and you will receive an email when it is verified. After verification, you will be able to login into your account and you will be able to list products on the website. For any questions, please contact or press the chat icon on the bottom right of the website if you are looking for a faster response.


What is the payment structure?

Our pricing structure is meant to be simple and easy to understand for all businesses big and small. Each seller has the ability to contact us, learn more about our pricing, and work on what's best for the both of us.

10% Referral Fee +  5% Service Tax + Amount you earned = Price that you decide.


How will I be paid out?


Sellers will be paid out via bank wire. If you have a concern with this, please contact and a reasonable accommodation can be made.


How do you go about taxes?


As a courtesy to our sellers, CBD Supplements automatically collects taxes at checkout for buyers. Rest assured, taxes are handled on our end automatically.  Depending on the ship-to address for each order placed, we will remit sales tax in a timeframe according to each state's policy. To simplify, we will pay and collect sales taxes for all orders. At the end of every fiscal year, CBD Supplements will issue a Form 1099-MISC to all sellers. If you would like to see a sales report, which will include all information regarding orders and tax collected, Seller home > Reports > Sales Report.


How does shipping work?


All orders placed on CBD Supplements are shipped out by the seller. We ask that you process and ship out orders within two (2) business days.

All shipping is handled by software automatically.


With Shipping out, the seller only needs to update the status of each order, which is found under Seller Home > Sales > Orders. Shipping labels will be generated in this area, along with Packing slips, Order ID, Order details, QTY, Amount, and Status. You will be able to see all orders in this area as well. You will also be notified via email once a buyer places an order. 

Once the order is placed, buyers will receive a confirmation email for their order. To notify the buyer of their orders status, you will only need to update the status of each order once it is sent out to the shipping provider. From there, we will automatically update the status and send tracking orders corresponding with the current status. Buyers can currently choose between USPS, FedEx, and UPS. 


How do I get my products featured on the front page? 


There are multiple ways to get your product featured on the front page, including being a top seller, paying for further advertising, or being randomly selected. Each week we will rotate sellers' stores, but keep the top sellers on the front page. (Be sure to have custom banners and other photos ready).


What do I do if I have technical issues within the application process or with my store?


Contact or use the chat icon on the bottom right for a faster response.


What documents do I need? 


You will need your Business Information, Seller Information, Banking Information, Store information, COAs (Certificates of Analysis), and valid ID or passport.


What about insurance? 


The Seller will, at the Seller's own expense, maintain comprehensive general liability insurance including, without limitation, product liability insurance, all risks coverage, and business interruption insurance in customary amounts for the industry and Products sold. There shall be no exclusions for Nicotine products. At the request of CBD Supplements, from time to time, the Seller will provide CBD Supplements with a certificate of insurance as evidence of the above. 


Why do I need to provide so much information?


For the safety of consumers, sellers, and CBD Supplements, all the documents and information are necessary. If you are concerned about providing information to CBD Supplements, all of your information is private and protected (See our privacy policy at ) Or, Contact us at


What are the requirements of CBD products in order to sell?


-All CBD products sold on CBD Supplements must be hemp-derived CBD, containing less than or up to 0.3% THC.

-All CBD products sold on CBD Supplements must have certificates of analysis from your manufacturer or a certified lab.

-All CBD products sold on CBD Supplements must follow local laws and regulations.


Can I add graphics to my store?


Absolutely! On the seller home page, go to Manage Shop > Media and from there you will be able to add a store logo and banner.

Preferred dimensions:

2000x500 for banner.

150x150 for logo.

When adding products, all information regarding image size will be available when adding a product. The images are preferred to be greater than 500x500.


Where do I go if I need help with anything?


If you are having trouble with anything related to your store, please contact or use the live chat button on the bottom right. Response times may vary but most will usually be answered within an hour of receiving the request. 

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