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750mg Nano Sleep CBD Gummies

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Tired? Restless? Do you toss and turn in your sleep or have difficulty falling asleep?  These great tasting CBD cubes are perfect for helping your mind and body rest without feeling groggy in the morning.  They also assist with inflammation and pain and begin to work rather quickly. Take 1-2 gummies,  30 minutes before bed.

-750MG | 30 Gummies | 25mg/per

-Broad Spectrum Quality CBD

-Infused with cbd-never sprayed!

-Cherry Flavor


-Nano-sized for Optimal Absorption

-Water Soluble

-CO2 extracted


Water Soluble

The rise of cannabidiol or CBD over the past few years has been truly remarkable. While many people are familiar with CBD oil, which is the most popular form of this product, a new water-based CBD is now being produced. This water-soluble CBD has started to take hold and is providing a compelling alternative to the more traditional CBD oil on the market. Because of the way the water soluble CBD is absorbed, the effects can be up to 10x more effective than the oil equivalent because your body is able to absorb almost 100% of the cannabinoids into your system.


The reason why nano sizing CBD particles is so essential is that CBD particles are very difficult to absorb by the body. Some studies suggest that only 18% of cannabidiol can be absorbed per dose. With nano sizing your CBD, many studies are showing up to or around 90% absorption. When it comes to CBD, bioavailability is everything.

Our CBD is carefully extracted with a CO2 process and is regulated under strict guidelines. Our products are manufactured in facilities that are FDA and GMP certified.

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