CBD has managed to become ubiquitous, from healthy food shelves to effective cures for medical conditions. Still, there are some dismissive articles about cannabidiol (CBD). In this article, we debunk myths related to CBD products and bring facts based on medical research to the fore.  

MYTH #1 - CBD can Get you High 

No, consuming CBD products won’t make you high or get you uncontrollable giggles. In order to be classified as "psychoactive”, any substance needs to have an effect on a person’s mental state. So everything from caffeine to alcohol would come under the category then. 

FACT- CBD Improves Mood

With several studies being conducted on CBD, we know that CBD comes from the same plant family, Cannabis, that gives us Marijuana. So when CBD enters the brain, it attaches itself to several different receptors. Causing a mild effect on various parts, in the same way as coffee does to keep you clear-headed and improve your mood. So CBD decidedly has an effect on how to act, think and feel.  

MYTH #2 - CBD is a Sedative

Many people believe that CBD is sedating but that is far from the truth. CBD is not sedating but rather alerting. Research on CBD has shown that after consuming a CBD product, there is a delay in sleep time. Further, it lowers the hangover caused by THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). 

FACT - CBD is Relaxing 


CBD is relaxing but is not sedating. After consuming a CBD-based product, the stress levels in the body are reduced which induces a sense of calmness. Its anxiolytic nature eases anxiety and helps the mind stay relaxed, promoting better sleeping patterns. 

MYTH #3 - CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are Same 

There is another common phrase that states that CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are the same. But that is not true. Hemp and CBD oil both are extracted from the hemp plant. But from different parts and have different chemical profiles and applications. 

FACT - CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are Not Same

CBD oil is extracted from the flower of the hemp plant, and hemp oil is extracted from the seeds so it contains essential fatty acids that are nutritionally rich and can be used as a skincare supplement.


However, CBD oil has medicinal properties that can help with multiple medical conditions like:

  • Easing nausea
  • Decreasing the frequency of epileptic seizures 
  • Reducing stress 
  • Relieving pain
  • Improving cognitive functioning 

MYTH #4 - Only Sick People can use CBD 

As CBD is popular for its therapeutic and medicinal properties, it is often believed that only people with a medical condition can use CBD products. But that is not true. 

FACT - Anyone can Use CBD Products

CBD products can be used by anyone as a wellness supplement. It boosts metabolism, strengthens immunity, and as already mentioned above, improves the overall cognitive functioning of the human body. While CBD products provide targeted benefits from one or more medical conditions, they can work to enhance the overall health of the body.  

MYTH #5 - CBD is Not Legal 

The NDPS Act, of 1985 prohibits the use of recreational cannabis. But it does not apply to the leaves and seeds of the cannabis plants. 

FACT- CBD Products are Legal 

Cannabinoids extracted from the flowers or leaves of cannabis plants are completely legal and can be consumed under medical supervision.


We have tried to explain the top myths about CBD in this post. So before forming any preconceived notions about CBD, we urge people to do their own research before just reading the headlines. The world of alternative medicine is only just being explored.

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