The Types Of CBD

CBD comes in three forms, full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Each form comes from the cannabis plant, but are all slightly different. Each has its own use and benefits, and people have found the best ways to use each for maximum effects.

Isolate CBD is the purest form of CBD, usually coming in a crystalline or powder, used in a wide range of products. Isolate CBD contains no other compound from the cannabis plant besides CBD. Other form may contain up to .3% THC or other cannabinoids but isolate CBD is the single pure form of only CBD. You won’t have any psychoactive effects similar to THC or other cannabis cannabinoids, but there has been studies shown that the use of isolate CBD can help the user in a range of ways.

Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum CBD is different from isolate CBD in that it makes use of the cannabis plant’s full array of cannabinoids including but limited to .3% of THC. Full spectrum CBD is able to use the effects of cannabis in totality unlike isolate CBD. Many people use full spectrum to aid them in a wide range of problems they may be dealing with. Some of these include anxiety, stress, pain, trauma, muscle spasms, anti-seizures, and more. You tend to see people using full spectrum sleep gummies or tinctures, as well as topical creams and lotions.

Broad Spectrum

The third main form of CBD is broad spectrum. Broad spectrum CBD contains a majority of compounds that are naturally occurring in CBD but contains no THC. This is great for those who seek full benefits of CBD without the fear of it appearing on a drug test. With broad spectrum CBD you will still see the positive effects that a full spectrum or isolate give, but it seems to be a more safer and stress free option for people.